How to find a water leak inside a wall

Any water leak inside a wall significantly reduces the quality of your home environment. Such hidden leaks in your plumbing system affect the quality of air you breathe  while causing extensive damage to your walls. Leaks are also one of the major causes of water wastage in your household. And, might be the main reason

Roof Flashing Details

What is flashing on roofs? This is a common question asked by many. We described what roof flashing is vividly in this discussion– under the section “damaged flashing”. To summarize once more: Flashing is simply impermeable material put on joints in your roof and construction walls. In order to prevent water from seeping in and

Effects of Water Damage (Is Water Damage Harmful?)

Even though water is a precious commodity that sustains all life on earth, you should not discount its destructive power. Especially, when it is in large amounts. Water can wreak havoc on your property- including your home and business- posing a danger to your health. And, risking the health of your loved ones as well.

Water Damage in House: Top 6 Most Common Causes

Your house is a complex structure. Inside, there are several mini-systems that must run efficiently to ensure that you and your family are in a conducive and healthy living environment. When some of these mini-systems, especially those that require water to operate are not functioning properly, problems are likely to occur. So, what are the

Home Water Damage: What is it?

Ever wondered, where do the unsightly stains on your walls, ceiling or  wooden floors come from? Home water damage is one of the major reasons for property loss and poor health.  Yet, not much attention is paid to it. At least not at the right time anyway. Do you even know what some of the