What is the true meaning and purpose of home?


A picture of a home
A home is at the centre of the entire human experience

“Home is where our journey of life begins”

The term home means different things to different people. It is a building for some, an entire region for others and sometimes, simply a feeling. All the same, there is a significant contribution a home makes to the overall development of a human being. Physically and character-wise.

It shapes, molds and literally guides all aspects of our existence including how we are experiencing life. Therefore, its significance is something we cannot ignore. Not if our aim is to change the direction of our lives for the better this decade and beyond.

This discussion seeks to unpack the meaning of home for two main reasons:

  1. To help expand your perception and shift your perspective on matters yourself and how you interact with your home environment.
  2. It is the core of human ecology. Therefore, it’s only fair that we start from a common ground, right?

By human ecology, here, we are referring to how we relate with ourselves, one another and with the entire physical environment.

It’s important for us to remember how we are more alike than we are different, every once in a while, don’t you think?

Especially now that we live in a society that thrives on dividing us into various groups or classes so as to conquer and profit off this separation.


What better way is there for us to start bonding over our common origins if not from our foundation?

Something we can all relate to. A point we can begin to agree or disagree from in togetherness. Because we’ve all had a chance to experience it in one way or another- the concept of home.

The Definition of Home

Referred to as shelter by some, a home is one of the most basic needs for human survival, growth, and development.

The dictionary defines home as:

“The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”

This is only one definition of the term. There are many others. However, there is one underlying notion that seems to be present in most of the definitions. That is:

The quality of it being a physical entity or living space where an individual is nurtured.

Who is an individual though? Who are you?

Essentially, the answer to this question begins with I Am __________________.  (But, this part is usually filled in properly and accurately after the realization of your uniqueness so I cannot speak on it much. At least not at the moment.)

For now, we are tracing our roots. That, which we all share as people. The spine of the human species. Because, really there is no you as an individual without your spine.

I’m talking about our genesis as human beings.

We are animals given the name Homo sapiens because of our distinguishing physical and behavioral characteristics, right?

Meaning, our physical make-up (anatomy) plus how we approach and do things makes us different from other animals.

For starters, we have an erect posture and bipedal mode of movement, unlike most animals that move on all fours. We also boast of having a brain which is perceived to be larger and more complex than the rest of the species known to us in the kingdom Animalia.

Lastly, we have a language or rather, languages plus the capacity to live in an organized society.  Whoever came up with this society and its organization systems is a whole different story.

So, these are some of the common traits we all share- the easily noticeable ones that set us apart as the human species.

What of those we cannot see?

What are some of the not-so-obvious traits we share that makes us who we are?

Let’s zoom inwards a little. Or, a lot. Let’s zoom in a lot on this part. Because this is something we rarely do anymore. We rarely get the time to zoom in on ourselves as a people.

Since…..you know? We live in a society that is very demanding of our time and attention. The two most crucial aspects of living.

What we choose to direct our attention to at a particular time determines how our life turns out. Therefore, society dictates how the majority of us live our lives.

However, in today’s discussion, we finally have a chance to direct our attention inwards for a few minutes. In a way that will remind us of the innate beauty that we all share. One that we most often forget.

Hopefully, by so doing, we will begin to break free from the hold this society has on us. Releasing ourselves from all societal influence to start directing our own lives.

So, the question whose answer we are looking for inside ourselves is: What are the invisible characteristics that we all share that make us human?

Overall, there is one essential quality, out of the visible spectrum, that enables us to be referred to as the human species. That is, the presence of the human psyche.

 What is the human psyche?

The human psyche, also referred to by many as the soul, is the underlying driving force of all- yes ALL- human beings.

It is the intangible feature of our existence that we often choose to overlook. But today, because we are zooming into our core and remembering our roots, we must acknowledge its presence and critical role in all that we are.

The human soul includes our spirit plus the wholeness of our minds. Both the subconscious and the conscious. It is the essence of who we are. Our psyche is what makes us sentient beings. And, the way it expresses itself results into our categorization as a human species.

Generally, our anatomy plus all the other features unique to our species we mentioned earlier are made possible by the human psyche. Simply put, everything we see, feel and experience is an extension of our soul.

In fact, the art of the human psyche realizing and expressing itself in different ways throughout our existence is what we refer to as living. We’ll see how this is true in a different discussion.

Today, our focus is on the concept of home. Which plays a central role in the way our soul expresses itself.

You know how for a seed to germinate into a full high-yielding plant, certain environmental conditions must be met?  Basically, it must be put in the right type and depth of soil in an area with enough water and sunlight.

The same goes for our psyche. It must be exposed to certain environmental conditions for it to express and realize itself fully and with so much ease.

What physical conditions are necessary for our psyche to express itself accordingly?  – A healthy and well taken care of home environment.

The true meaning of home

In this case, there are two major ways to look at and outline the meaning of the concept of home.

  1. Our physical body is home to our soul. Because it is its embodiment, it provides a permanent living space for the human psyche.
  2. Our external immediate indoor environment is home to our physical body which houses our psyche. The notion of a home being a shelter that provides safety is tied to this second meaning of the entire concept.

Both homes must be taken care of properly, consistently, for the human psyche to express and realize itself adequately and freely. This is the approach this entire site takes as we explore different ways to take good care of our homes so as to allow our psyche the freedom to exist in a natural manner.

So, when we say home health and wellness we are referring to the health and wellness of your body and all its components in connection with the health and wellness of the environment you live in.

You cannot take good care of your body while ignoring the health of your home environment and expect to have a smooth ride in life.

Similarly, you cannot look after your home environment while ignoring your physical health and expect to live happily ever after. The two are intertwined as you’ll notice throughout home health & wellness.

What is the purpose of a good home?

Other than the provision of shelter which is one of the most basic needs for our survival, there are several other purposes that a good home serves.

But first, because of the relative nature of the term ‘good’ let’s clarify what a good home means. In this case, it refers to a healthy indoor home environment. One that is well taken care of. Routinely.

And, whose occupants actively safeguard its indoor environmental quality to ensure that it supports and promotes their efforts to live a successful, productive and fulfilling life.

A few other purposes of a good home include:

  1. It provides a sense of identity. Due to its key role in forming your thoughts and entire thought patterns. Influencing how you view yourself, the way you view the world and the contribution you choose to make in this world, which all depend on how you take care of it.
  2. It fulfills the human need for belongingness, which is one of the most important needs for human interaction and social development according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  3. It provides safety and security. Therefore gives you the motivation to live your best life in the easiest manner possible.
  4. It supports and promotes your physical health and wellness. Your indoor environment is the energetic anchor for all facets of your life.
  5. It helps you uncover and meet your purpose in life.

That’s right!

If you set out to take care of your home environment in configuration with the short or long-term goals you set out to achieve every once in a while, you’ll eventually uncover your life’s purpose.

And, the beauty of actively taking care of your home environment is, once you get to know what your purpose is, achieving it becomes effortless. You’ll learn how to do this later on.

Final Thoughts- What’s the Next Step?

Everything you are and all that you choose to do begins at home. Your home environment is a potter and you are the clay, it shapes and molds you into either the finest work of art that ever existed or the worst. It is always shaping you into something knowingly or unknowingly.

Therefore, actively paying attention to the health and wellness of your home is one of the best, if not the only best, decision you can make towards taking charge of your life. This way, you’ll be able to fill in the blank, I am_________, courageously, confidently and accurately.

Without a doubt, you’ll live a happier, healthier, more successful and fulfilled life. And, we are here to help you do it.

Should you make the decision to take full control of your home, which, basically, translates into taking control of your entire life, then understanding the concept of health and wellness is the most logical next step to take.

So, you can get the hang of what you ought to pay attention to and how to do it.  For you to start changing the course of your life for the better in a sustainable manner. We’ll cover this topic, in detail, in our next discussion.

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