Welcome to Healthy Home Wellness

Why this website exists?

Our focus is on providing actionable insights for holistic self-transformation.

Self-transformation, in this case, refers to:

A shift in your perception and the way you are experiencing life.

The process involves a complete overhaul of how you view and interact with yourself, your immediate surroundings and the rest of the world.

The main problem

You see, the society we now inhabit is changing rapidly. We are getting busier trying to survive instead of simply living. All the busy-ness and distractions in our surrounding is moving us away from harmonious co-existence within and into survival-for-the-fittest mode.

Holistic self-transformation simply means allowing yourself to move from one state of being into another.  From the survival-for-the fittest mode of existence into a state of harmony within. A manner of being that allows you to explore, unlock and realize your potential as a human.

What’s worse, we are now in the information age. And, with all the conflicting information that comes our way every day, it has become difficult to separate truth from all the lies. We are, literally, trapped in a crisis of truth. Sinking deeper into confusion by the minute.

This means, we are moving further from a state of inner peace with each passing minute, while making it harder to find a way back to this position. It is no wonder negativity, mental struggles and wars are beginning to take root as the new norms of human existence.

There cannot be external peace without internal peace.

Most of us have completely forgotten how to see and embrace the innate beauty of life. That, which we are meant to joyfully experience as living organisms. Because of the way we choose to approach the natural art of living.

If you’ve not allowed yourself to be controlled by some type of external stimuli, you’ve probably let yourself get stuck within, in some form of psychological drama.

Is there a way out?

There is always a way out- this is one of the many marvels of being human. The fact that you can always turn your life around no matter where you are or what circumstances you might be in right now.

So, the more accurate question, here, would probably be: What is the way out?

A total transformation of self to turn inwards is required. And, this is what this site aims to help you achieve by digging into the how of it.

The Mission

We are looking to explore the nature of our human existence with the intent of helping you find your way back to your default state of inner peace, happiness and fulfillment within.

This way, you will be in a position to create and live your best life, on your own terms. If this is not what freedom is all about, tell me what is?

What’s more, you’ll have the capacity to do this without interfering with the life of another in any way. And, with time, we can all get to the point of co-existing harmoniously.

Therefore, a win for you, in this manner, is a win for all of us- for humanity at large.

What to expect?


Because of the subjective nature of this site’s primary topic of exploration, you are likely to find:

  • A variety of common assumptions scrutinized
  • A good number of the current social norms and practices analyzed and
  • Different meanings assigned to several terms and concepts that have been used too frequently to the point their actual value in our life experience has been reduced. And, in some cases, completely lost.

This is necessary since we cannot discuss matters the same way we are used to if our aim is to breathe new life into our existence. I mean, if our current approach to various subjects, situations and entire manner of living was spot-on, we would not be where we are at in life at the moment, right?

As a species, we would not have:

  • Majority of us struggling with anxiety and depression
  • Several others suffering from chronic illnesses
  • A record high in the number of lives lost to drug abuse and overdose
  • More people living in misery as a few others experience overwhelming success

The level of imbalance in terms of the quality of our lives would not be as high as it is now, with this gap getting wider each day.

You see, the force of life that drives you, that which causes your heart to beat round the clock, is the same one that is within i. Within all of us. But, why is there such a huge difference in the way we experience this life force?

There must be something we did, are doing or not doing that got us to this point, don’t you think?

And, we are basically trying to trace our footsteps in order to find out what this is throughout this site.

The goal is:

To create a complete mental shift that would, in turn, catalyze your transformation in a wholesome way.

What do you need to get the most out of this website?

Ideally, you cannot sit or even stand inside a box if you want to see it from all of its angles, right?

The first necessary step would be to step out of it so you can begin to have a wholesome view. In the same way, to allow yourself to experience this change, like any other, which we all know is never easy, you will need two things:

  1. An open mind– to challenge the pre-conceived notions and ideas that have informed and shaped your current way of life.

Be open to question your beliefs and the values you choose to live by. Right from their source to the entire process that led to you to adopting them as your personal principles, which guide who you are, how you express yourself and how you interact with the rest of humanity and all life at large.

  1. Willingness– This is a key ingredient for any type of progress in life.

In our case, your willingness to accept the possibility of experiencing life differently thus allowing yourself to actively engage with the ideas presented here will help you initiate the mindset shift necessary for the transformation process.

How Exactly Will You Benefit From Healthy Home Wellness?

All the knowledge, stories and lessons shared here intend to help you uncover yourself and improve the quality of your life experience in 2 major ways:

  1. To help you think more clearly and make better decisions. This will easen your navigation through this era of contradictory information where truth is twisted for personal gain and profit.

You’ll be capable of separating that which is true to you from the half-truths and outright lies that are designed to confuse, distract and destroy the core of who you are.

Hopefully, this way you’ll gather enough courage to take back your power. Your power to turn inwards and access the force of life within you. Remember, the only way to freedom is to take it. No one will hand it over to you.

  1. You’ll gain practical knowledge and life-long skills on the health and wellness of your living spaces so you can uphold your personal health and wellness in life. This is a significant life skill that most of us do not pay proper attention to, if any.

You know, wellness is the root of living freely. And, an important aspect of this concept that most, if not all, of us tend to overlook is the fact that there is no personal health and wellness without home health and wellness.  Not if your intent is long-lasting well-being. We are going to see how true this is throughout this site as we embark on a journey of self-uncovery.

There is one important reality to constantly keep in mind as you give yourself permission to journey with us throughout this site:

“Truth is available only to those who have the courage to question what they’ve been taught”